Who We Are





Howie is a 19-year veteran of the publishing world, having developed his editorial and production chops at such publishers as Wadsworth, Elsevier, and Chronicle Books, before apprenticing for four years at Yvo Riezebos Design, a San Francisco design studio specializing in book covers and interiors. He cofounded Fortuitous Publishing in 2007 with the goal of helping organizations and individuals design and produce the best content on the market, and that goal has remained unchanged even as the formats of content have evolved. Howie is an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign, and his favorite font is Mrs. Eaves, preferably small caps and tracked just a bit.


Please contact Howie if you have business proposals, quote requests, technical questions, or want to learn more about Fortuitous. 

Emilia has spent her 17-year publishing career wading through content as a project manager, copy editor, proofreader, and copywriter. After getting her start at the PBS News Hour and Elsevier, she embarked on a freelance editing career editing books and magazines before cofounding Fortuitous Publishing with Howie in 2007. She is the wordsmith and project management mastermind in the office, as well as the brains behind our marketing efforts. Emilia’s favorite font changes often; for now, it’s Chaparral.

We do a little bit of everything here at Fortuitous, and we believe that this interdisciplinary approach to our work makes us more creative and flexible problem solvers for our clients.