Quality typesetting (also called “composition” and “page layout”) in today’s publishing environment requires the skill to execute a design elegantly across many pages, a scrupulous attention to detail, a knowledge of and respect for editorial standards, an efficient workflow with the latest production tools for quick turnarounds, and the know-how to ensure your publication will print correctly and convert to other file formats.


We offer our clients these indispensible qualities and more. Because we speak the language of publishers, we don’t need to be hand-held when it comes to creating beautiful, well-crafted pages, even those that pose the greatest design challenges. Our goal is to take those concerns off our clients’ plates so they can devote their resources elsewhere. 


This is why, in spite of the availability of overseas vendors, publishers continue to choose us for many of their typesetting and production needs.


We offer typesetting services for designs we create ourselves and for designs that you provide. As part of our typesetting packages, we also offer file preparation for printing and file conversions to epub, mobi, and pdf.


Take a look at our samples and check out our Typesetting FAQs to learn more about why you should choose us for your typesetting needs.