Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between design and typesetting?


Typesetting, also often referred to as "composition," "layout," and "production," is the ordering of text on a page for visual display.


Design precedes typesetting. Before typesetting begins, you first need to have templates for your pages. The templates are created during the design stage. Using a simple text-only book as an example, template design elements would include trim size, margins, fonts, number of lines per page, headers and footers, and page numbers.


Typesetting occurs once your page templates are set up. In this stage, the book’s content is imported into the template and each element is formatted according to its specific design across all pages.


Page design is usually done by a graphic designer, who may or may not be a typesetter. Sometimes a designer may create the template, and then hand it off to the typesetter, who will then "apply" that design to the content across all pages. In other instances, the designer and typesetter may be one and the same. (We do both.)


Why should I hire Fortuitous for typesetting instead of an overseas vendor?


In many circumstances, publishers can realize significant cost savings by sending their production work overseas, especially large publishers with the internal resources and expertise to manage those vendors. Others have found that the internal resources they dedicate to solving the challenges that can result cancel out or exceed the original cost benefits. And in many cases, certain projects don’t lend themselves to an overseas production workflow.


Publishers have turned to us for their typesetting/composition needs for the following reasons:


  • Their content has design requirements that require the critical faculties of a skilled designer, editor, and typesetter. We offer all three.

  • They're not able to devote internal resources to styling and preparing instructions for each design element appearing in their content. As skilled editors and designers, we will assess your content and interpret and design those elements for you, and we can build workflows from incomplete design templates.

  • They want to communicate directly with the person doing the actual work, and they want that person to be a seasoned publishing professional who sees things from their perspective.

  • Their projects require ongoing collaboration.

  • They have scheduling requirements that require immediate responses with proactive solutions.

  • They want to work with a single, trusted full-service provider who will guide their content through the editorial, design, and production process from beginning to end.

  • They lack experience with the publishing process and need a trusted guide.

  • They enjoy working with us.


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What are your rates?


We bill by the printed page, and rates are determined by design complexity and the amount of graphical elements. Our rates are competitive, and we are happy to provide a quote upon reviewing the parameters of your project.