Frequently Asked Questions

Project Management

Tell me a bit more about your project management services.


Once your manuscript has been written, we will guide it through the remaining steps needed to reach your publishing goals. This can include such steps as copyediting, design, illustration and photography, author review of edits, typesetting, proofreading, indexing, printer management, and eBook management and conversion.


Publishers don’t always have the internal resources to manage this process, and so we handle it for them by assembling and managing a team of professionals to handle each task and creating a strategic workflow and schedule to ensure it all gets done according to high standards.


We can handle projects as strictly project managers where the publisher assembles the team and we manage it, or we can take on projects in a “full-service” capacity, where the publisher hands us the entire project and we supervise both the assembly of the team and the management of it, as well as handling the execution of certain components ourselves. Throughout this process, we are happy to interact with client team members across departments in order to facilitate a smooth workflow.


What kinds of turnaround times can you handle?


We have managed book projects with total production schedules as short as two weeks (not including printing). That’s an unusual circumstance, but we have a proven track record of meeting challenging deadlines. Upon assessing the details of a project and its desired deadline, we can quickly tell you what’s possible.


What are your rates?


We typically bill by the printed page, and rates are determined by project complexity. We are happy to provide a quote upon reviewing the parameters of your project.