Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of editorial work do you do?


We do copyediting, developmental/substantive editing, production editing, proofreading, and indexing. We can handle any or all of these editorial steps within a project.


Do you handle editorial work in-house, or do you hire freelancers to do it?


In some instances, for certain projects or depending on our current workload, we will handle editorial work in-house. For most projects, we hire freelance editors with proven track records, many of whom we’ve worked with for years. While good editors can handle work in a variety of subject areas, we always strive to pair freelancers with subject matters that we know they’re qualified for. Also, some of our clients ask that we use their own “preferred” freelancers and send us a list to draw from, which we are happy to do.


What are your rates?


Our rates are based upon total number of words and the level/complexity of edit that’s required. We will assess if the manuscript requires a “light,” “medium,” or “heavy” edit. We are happy to provide a quote after reviewing your manuscript.