Frequently Asked Questions

Ebooks/Digital Publishing

Do you produce digital publications such as eBooks?


Yes! We can both manage the process of producing a quality eBook, as well as creating valid epub (Apple/Nook) and mobi (Kindle) files.


We can also design and produce PDF files that can be read on a variety of devices.


We presently do not do fixed-layout eBooks, ePub3, or eBooks with a great deal of design complexity, nor do we produce apps, such as those generated from the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.


Describe your digital publishing workflow.


Most, but not all, eBooks have a print version they’re generated from. Typically, our workflow starts with the InDesign file of the print book version, from which we export an epub file. From there, we fine-tune the coding of the epub, generate an embedded table of contents, and then test the file to ensure it’s “valid” for distribution to Apple, B&N, etc.


At this point, we send the client an epub “proof” to load to a device(s) for review. After any necessary revisions and client approval of the epub, we generate a mobi file for review on the Kindle. Upon approval of the mobi, we pass on the final, distribution-ready epub and mobi files.


If the eBook does not have a print version to start with, or the print version is not in Adobe InDesign, we can also work with Word docs and PDF files.


Will you upload my eBooks to the various stores for distribution?


We currently only offer services in eBook design and production. We do not offer distribution services or marketing advice. We may offer these services in the future.


What are your rates?


Rates are based upon total word count and design complexity. Our base eBook rate starts at $300. We are happy to provide a quote after reviewing your manuscript.