Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of design work do you do?


We specialize in the design of publications such as books, reports, magazines, journals, catalogs, and other marketing collateral such as booklets, brochures, and newsletters. Our design work is usually intended to be read in print and/or on digital devices. Click here to see samples of our work.


Do you design websites and/or logos?


Usually, no. However, we are more than happy to take your existing branding and apply it to the design of all kinds of marketing publications, such as those listed above.


Do you handle printing?


Depending on the type of publication and print run, yes, we will also work with printers of our clients’ choice, or our own preferred printers, to ensure a high-quality printed product.


What are your rates?


We typically charge a flat rate for design concepts, plus additional for such items as photography and photo research, illustration, and printing. Rates vary with the requirements of each project. We are happy to provide quotes.