One of the most important steps in the development of your publication is editing the content. Our editors do much more than just fix spelling errors and punctuation. They also provide feedback on the way your content is written. This includes the assessment of content structure and organization as well as suggestions on how to better engage your intended audience.
Not every editor is a perfect fit for every type of content; because we’ve been managing editorial projects in a variety of genres for so long, we understand how to pair editors with the content that they know. We draw from an extensive list of vetted individuals who we’ve worked with for many years.
As part of our editorial services package, we will do an initial assessment of your content, and then discuss with you the specific editorial issues to be focused on, along with the overall level of edit necessary, before we proceed.
Editorial services we offer include copyediting, substantive editing, and proofreading. To learn more, check out our Editorial FAQs and contact us to discuss how we can help you with your editorial needs.