Publication design requires the ability to conceive of big-picture solutions pertaining to your content’s message and audience, as well as the detail-oriented work of thinking editorially and parsing large volumes of content into well-crafted pages. 


These issues require a tremendous number of design considerations—some large and some small—all of which contribute to the ultimate goal of creating a unified form that will be engaging and satisfying to your readers.


We believe it is that ability to integrate a multitude of details into a broader idea, as well as a sensitivity to and awareness of all the variables that define project success (marketing and sales, readability, editorial integrity, among others), that sets us apart as designers.


We’ve been solving publication design challenges from all angles for over fifteen years, and we will work with you to achieve all of your design criteria. 


We design publications of all types and formats: book interiors and covers, company reports, catalogs, magazines, and other marketing materials for a variety of businesses and organizations. Take a look at our samples, and get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your publication design needs.


If you'd like further details, check out our Design FAQs.