We offer consulting and training to organizations and individuals on how to succeed at designing and publishing content more optimally and efficiently.



Adobe InDesign


It’s hard to find time to stay current on updated versions of the Adobe Creative Suite, and old habits are hard to break, yet new features are being introduced all the time that can save you hours of time. Howie Severson, a principal at Fortuitous Publishing, is an Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign and is passionate about teaching designers and other publishing professionals how to use InDesign more efficiently and cut out repetitive tasks. After an initial assessment of your current workflow, he can create custom solutions to help you speed up your output and offer your customers a broader range of services. If you’re tired of wasting hours parsing through lengthy books and videos that tell you what you already know, contact Howie for an initial consultation.



Publishing Workflows


If you’re venturing into the world of publishing for the first time, or you’ve already taken the plunge and want to fine-tune your publishing workflow, we can help. The process of transforming a Word document into a professional looking, well-edited printed or digital publication can seem bewildering. We’ve been helping publishers navigate this process for almost 20 years, and we can equip you with the tools you need to confidently handle the process on your own, or we can be your guide along the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your publishing goals.